Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Humble Beginnings

 Many years ago my sister Julie gave me a special gift.  At the time I had no idea how special.  Being lifelong "craft queens" we were always on the look out for new creative outlets.  Julie came upon a great idea for making paper mache Santa Claus and Uncle Sam figurines in a craft book.  They were made out of paper mache!  She made several and gave them to friends and family for Christmas.  I loved mine!    I called Julie right up to thank her and ask how she had made him.  She described the process and we made plans for her to teach me the next time we were together.  At the time, some 17 years ago (say it isn't so!!) she lived in New York, we had 5 small children between us and were both stay at home Moms.  We made alot of trips back and forth to each others homes.  While the kids would play, we would craft and create.  So, during that next trip to Vermont she brought along some celluclay and we shaped up a few Santa's.  Somewhere along, one of us thought they would be a great offering for craft shows and Folk For All Seasons was born.  We participated in several shows together in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York.

                                                    Very special gift.

     Fast forward a few years, life and the many changes that occur had Julie living in Georgia.  We had both discovered rug hooking and I had begun a small online hand dyed wool business called, Sunset Schoolhouse Woolens.  For a few years I continued on my own with making the Santa's for one local craft show.  As the wool business and kids grew I decided to take a two or three year break from Santa making.  During this break I found that I really missed working with the paper mache and doing the show.  Life changed again, I decided to stop dyeing wool, go back to working outside the home at a "real job" and re-jury for the craft show with the Santa's.  Starting anew after the break, I ventured into making larger, more elaborate figures often incorporating vintage or vintage inspired accessories.  I had found my niche!  The new Santa's were very well received, business and my local following has continued to grow.  Throughout this process, I have admired several online paper mache artists like, Joanna Parker, Chicken Lips, and Monkey Cats Studio.  Their blogs and success have served as constant inspiration.  With support from my customers and collectors, family and friends, I have decided to take the plunge and try to make my dream of creating and doing what I love as a "real job".  Oh!  And Julie is now of The Old Tattered Flag fame!  Check her site and blog out.
                                                      First Santa

                                                    Porch Post Santa
                                                    Folk Tree Santa

                                                         Truck Santa 

     So there it is!  The story of humble beginnings and hopeful aspirations.  This blog will be about the developments and the creative process of this small business.  It will likely feature new offerings, exciting updates and new show announcements as well as some daily life snippets.  I am so looking forward to what will come my way in this regard and hope you enjoy the journey with me.


  1. Yaaahooooo!!! Glad to see you up and running!! I'd like to place an order please.......

  2. Congrats! I absolutely LOVE my Santa I recently purchased from you! So handsome with so many details and very well crafted! Looking forward to growing my collection! Happy creating to you!