Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cannot Stop Smiling!

Folk For All Seasons booth at Autumn on The Green

     So much going on!  Did I mention that I love Fall!  Well I do.  This past weekend I took part in the most wonderful festival called, Autumn on the Green, (well this year it was Autumn Off the Green because of road construction and improvement work) in Danville, Vermont.  It is a one day event with more than 100 vendors selling all kinds of wonderful.  There were of course crafts, maple products, jams and jellies, antiques and food....wonderful food!  Something about ginger carrot soup, pulled pork sandwiches, gourmet cupcakes just spells good times to me!  Along with all of the wonderful booths and offerings, various groups performed good old fashioned music throughout the day.  My booth was situated perfectly to be able to take it all in.   This year being my first year with Halloween offerings and this being my first "official" public showing of them, I was nervous!  Thanks to my wonderful husband for putting up with, and alleviating  much of my anxiety with all of his help.   In the end, all could not have gone better.  I sold several pieces to good new homes and so many people were so complimentary and enthusiastic.  It is so heartening!  When you spend countless hours creating in solitude, sometimes some doubt can creep in.....will anyone like what I am doing? Of course your loved ones are always complimentary and encouraging, but you still wonder.  Well this weekend was just the shot in the arm I needed!   Ok, stopping now....sounding a bit Sally Fieldish! 

     An exciting development that came from the show.....my remaining Halloween characters are being exhibited at The Antique Rose Florist/Country Chique Antique Shop in Woodsville, New Hampshire.  Thanks so much to Karen Hatch, Ruth Hatch. A special thanks to Jody Engle longtime Santa and snowman collector for being my very first customer and your enthusiasm and support of my new offerings! 

FFAS at The Antique Rose Florist/Country Chique Antique Shop
So today the drive to Woodsville had me sipping on a pumpkin spice latte, listening to Crooked Still, The Lonesome Sisters, and Outlaw Social way to loud...with some off key singing, admiring the gorgeous foliage.  On the way back, I decided to pull off at the Wells River Fishing Access to finish my Subway lunch.  This spot is so pretty and relaxing with the prettiest river bend and lovely waterfall.  The foliage was not as bright as I thought it would be but still a very special place. 



     With the leaves falling to the ground comes the inevitability of colder days and nights and hopefully soon, a fire in the woodstove!  Cannot wait for that first cozy fire, and to break out my heavy wool sweaters.  Our weather has been pretty mild so far....in fact our forecast for the remainder of the week is pretty nice with temps in the high 60's expected for the end of the week.  I just  might sneak in one more kayak at the pond!  As much as I look forward to the fires in the woodstove I really dread the prospect of putting away the kayak for so many months.  I guess that is why things stay so special to us in this region. For that I am grateful.......for so many things I am feeling grateful today.

     Bill and Troy will be away this weekend at a golf tournament in Long Island, New York......I plan on locking myself in the house (except for that kayak!) and working from dawn to dusk on my last big push of shaping up Santa's and snowmen.  After this push it will be all about painting and finishing.  Stay tuned for some WIP posts coming real soon.

Till next time.............


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