Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Paper Mache Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Funny Faces and WIP's

Another rainy day here.  Wish the sun would shine, but have to say, I am far more productive when it doesn't.  So far this week I have been having more fun with Halloween creating.  I made a pledge that come June 1st, I would turn my attention to Christmas creations.  Then.....I found these:

lost treasures found again!
These and many more I might add!  As I do not yet have a coveted studio space, my supplies are all over, tucked in various rooms throughout the house.  The bulk of my "supplies" can be found in the basement.  The "abyss" as I like to call it.  A wide open and unattractive old house basement, it is lined all the way around with shelves except the area where our laundry accumulates and our washer and dryer sit.   Not one to ever pass up a bargain, or knick knack that may someday be used in a very inspired way, I have quite an accumulation.  Yeah, that is a good word, accumulation.  Sometimes, things can sit on those shelves for months..... hell years!  Then one day it will come to me!  Their purpose!  Why I bought them in the first place and saved them for all this time!  This little box of small finials and turnings is a perfect example.  Found in upstate New York when on a scrounging mission with my sister and mother I came across this wonderful assortment of what's its.  For the low, low price of $15, I had to have them.  As it goes, they came home with me, where brought down to the abyss and placed on a shelf till the other day.  Searching for something else that I thought might be in the abyss, I came across them,  looked thru the box thinking how wonderful they were, but how could I use them?  Then it came to me!  Hit me right between the eyes!  You will have to check back in a day or two to see!  I cannot wait to get started!


So far this week I have been painting and have finished up some more of the funny faced jack-o-lanterns.  


Last week I did take another road trip to my favorite salvage store to see if they had any more of the pedestal bases that worked so well with my large Jack-o-Lanterns.  Hit the "jack" pot.  Yikes!  Corny!  Sorry.....

     And last but not least here are some pictures of a few pieces still in progress, but so far quite pleased with how they are turning out.

 Whoa!  What a profile!

Till next time...................

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