Saturday, August 17, 2013

In Full Swing......Pun Intended! And A Giveaway!!

Things have been a little hectic around here and golf is mostly to blame!  The golf course where my husband is the superintendent, recently held the 2013 Vermont Amateur Golf Tournament.  To those who do not golf or who are not familiar with the obsession.....suffice it to say, it is kind of a big deal.  Well, this year made even a bigger deal because the tournament needed to be postponed because of all of  our inclement weather this summer.  Unprecedented in the tournaments more than 75 years!  Hard to believe especially in weather fickle Vermont.  Anyway, along with preparing the golf course for the tournament and all that goes along with it, Bill also caddied all 72 holes for our 16 year old son, Troy.  Because I can just not miss anything....I too walked along (from a fair distance away mind you) and watched every shot on every hole.  Our son did very well finishing tied for 8th!  I tell all of this not to brag or boost (well maybe a little) but so I can show these photos:

Father and Son Team Work

The whole experience was just one of those great memories that we will keep and cherish forever.  Immediately after the tournament concluded, the junior representatives for Vermont were selected to go to the New England Junior Tournament and Troy was chosen for the team, so off to Connecticut we headed for more golf!  Bill and I again saw every shot on every hole and really enjoyed the beautiful setting at Connecticut National Golf Club in Putnam Connecticut.  It is a really great experience for the kids and we really enjoyed it.  So long story short.....I have not really gotten very much work done over the past few weeks and it is really time to get busy!

Vermont Junior Golf Team at the New England Junior Tournament
I did manage to just list some more LARGE pumpkin pieces on Etsy

Also, got a little bit of organizing and preparation done for the shift to Christmas creating.

Just a small sampling of some of the goodies I have big plans for!
 Some Santa's starting to take shape

Autumn Giveaway!  Tell All Your Friends!

Last but not least!  I thought it would be fun to host a giveaway.  Are you Folky or Funky?   I chose two favorites from my stash of autumn creations and will be giving one away on September 15th. 

How can you win?  Lots of ways!  Become a follower of my Blog by clicking on the "Join this Site" button at the top of this page on the left side, like my Folk For All Seasons Facebook page by clicking here, or if you have already liked my Facebook page share my giveaway post(s) or any post for that matter, or lastly, leave me a comment here on my blog.  Enter as many times or ways as you like.  I will remind of the giveaway often on this site and Facebook until September 15th.   The lucky winner will be able to choose Funky (witch) or Folky (sunflower pumpkin). 
Till next time.........


  1. I love the sunflower, haven't seen that one before!

  2. Love everything. Please enter me in your giveaway and thanks so much for your generosity. Beautiful work!!

    Shared, and liked facebook.


  3. I love your blog and everything you have been making. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  4. Stopping over from your sisters blog.What a wonderful giveaway.I'm a new follower and look forward to getting to know you.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Hi Lisa, I am following your blog and a big fan of your mom and sister! have a few of your Santa's and would like to enter your giveaway:)
    Hooker from Gouverneur, NY:)

  6. My official entry! Love your work Lisa! Love the sunflower!

  7. Hi Lisa, I love your work and shared the give-away on FB. Found you via a post by the Old Tattered Flag, so I will now follow you on FB as well and will check out your Etsy work. Congrats on expanding your business...hope it goes well !!