Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finally the bunnies!

Finally the Bunnies!
 Given that it is March 16th and Easter is just around the corner.

Egg Painter
This whimsical guy is quite large standing 11 inches tall.  The base is 7 inches wide.  He has an assortment of paint cans and painted eggs at his feet. 
                                                                       Juggler Bunny
This bow tied guy is holding and carrying 7 different folky painted Easter eggs.  He stands 8 inches tall and measures 4 inches across at the base. 

 Easter Time
Holding a HUGE carrot and all dressed up with his watch tucked in his coat pocket this guy is all ready for spring and Easter!  He is quite large and stands 10.5 inches tall and the base measures 7 inches across.

Next is Dapper Bunny.  He has a wonderful expression with ears tilted to the side.  He holds two eggs and is dressed in his Easter best ready to deliver. He stands 8 inches tall and the base measures 4 inches across.

Dapper Bunny
 And last but not least, "What a Ride" Bunny.  Sitting atop a giant painted Easter Egg this guy is dress in his Sunday best tuxedo and tails.  The piece stands 13 inches tall and the egg cart measures 7.5 inches long and 8.5 inches wide.

"What a Ride" Bunny
I had a lot of fun creating these "guys".  They are guaranteed to be one of a kinds.  Countless hours have gone into the hand shaping, painting and finishing.  If you are interested in purchasing, please write me at  If still available after Monday, they will be placed on Etsy.

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