Friday, April 19, 2013

B Strong, Halloween in April and Maple Cream Pie


Before I begin, I must say that I am feeling like probably many of you are feeling about the unfortunate events that have occurred this week and are still occurring in Boston.  So saddened that our world has come to the state that we now find ourselves in.  So sad for the families who have lost loved ones and for all of the injured and effected.  I have been riveted to the television and have felt a wide range of emotions from tears to rage.  It is very difficult to sit and write a light and fun BlogSpot with all of this going on.   That being said, if we don't carry on, they win...........lets carry on but keep Boston on our minds and in our hearts.


So this week of shaping and painting was all about Halloween....yes, Halloween in April.
  I have so many ideas! 

Fun color Palette ~ Messy painter

 Love the expressions!

Some treasures from my favorite salvage shop! 
 Check back to see what I do with these.


      More Halloween WIP's
Some of the Halloween WIP's  include crows, owls, bats, stars and primitive polka dotted pumpkins.  So far I am very pleased with Broom Hilda witch.  She is going to be very primitive when finished, complete with pumpkin bunch, scraggly broom and stripped stockings.  I have plans to shape up another Hilda to go with that super rusty old cauldron and pumpkin people are in the works.
 And last but not least, since I am really looking forward to 9:00 snack time this evening, I thought I would share a recipe.  Last week when we were in Lyndon for AAU basketball, we ate at our favorite diner.  While enjoying our late breakfast, the Sunday specials were being written on the blackboard.  One thing caught my attention.......Maple Cream Pie.   So, yesterday I made a modified version of a recipe that I found online, so simple, and soooo good.  You will need:
Keebler Shortbread pie crust
 (the recipe called for a regular baked pie crust but the shortbread crust really added I think)
can of sweetened condensed milk
2/3 cup of real Vermont maple syrup (I used a little more, maybe like 3/4 of a cup)
dash of salt (not sure why?)
Whipped Cream for topping (I used Cool Whip)
All you do is combine the sweetened condensed milk in a pan with the maple syrup and salt, bring to a slow boil.  Allow to bubble for 4 minutes, stir often.  Pour into the pie crust, allow to cool and top with cream.  I sprinkled real maple sugar on top.  You could fold in or sprinkle crushed pecans or walnuts on top as well.  It is very rich and custardy (is that a word?) so you don't need a big piece, but will probably want one!
Have a great weekend......B Strong

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