Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Quiet Holiday, A Nice Walk and Etsy Store Up and Running!

I really have to say that when I first started this blog, I was really not sure how it was going to go.  I knew from being an other person's blog enthusiast, there were some things I really did not want to do, and other things that I hoped I could do.  The short list of things I did not want to do included complaining excessively, and not being one of those bloggers that only writes when they have something for sale.....not that there is anything wrong with that, but I find I enjoy the blogs that share the process and the works in progress as well as some life "fluff", a good recipe, a picture of a beautiful sunset or the ever popular pet pictures and discussion.  That being said, I find that having the blog to write for, has really opened up a whole new way of looking at things for me.  Never one in the past, to have my camera at the ready regardless of the occasion or situation, I now find that whenever I am leaving the house I am grabbing it saying to my husband or whoever, "might see something great for the blog"!  Just the other day as we were whizzing down the interstate I was unsuccessfully trying to take some shots of the pretty melting "ice falls" (Vermont for winter waterfall) on the tall rock walls that line I-89.  They were really pretty with a cast of blue that just cannot be captured when speeding by at 70 mph thru a dog slobbered car window.  But, blogging has really made me take the time to see, really see the beauty in some things that I may have otherwise passed by or thrown a quick passing glance but did not really take the time to photograph and more importantly recognize its beauty.  So thank you blog and blogging! 

So our holidays have changed and we are just not ready for it.  Easter came and went, no kids for egg hunting or basket buying and most family living in other states made for a well, quiet holiday.  Yeah we had a good meal and did have our fair share of Easter candy favorites (damn you Hershey and your candy coated eggs!), but it was quiet....too quiet.  I have said it before and will say it again, miss those days gone by, those Easter Bunny is coming days.  Bill and I did take a nice walk at the golf course, me for some fresh air and exercise, Bill to see how much snow had melted and calculate how long until opening day.  We took Maya and for added entertainment value and yes.....the camera.

The Queen in her Kingdom

Arty look at Trees

With the new week came time to get to work.  I did finish up some more rug hooking snippet bowls and such and for those who have been asking, I finally have my Etsy store up and running.  Hope to keep adding to it over the next couple of weeks, but for now a good start with an Easter section, Rug Hooking section and a Christmas section built.  If you would like to check it out click the link or search for me on Etsy under FolkForAllSeasons. 

Rug Hooking Snippet Holders
Check back soon to see what in the world these will be:

Mystery Mache
Until next time........

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