Monday, May 6, 2013

Great Weekend in Manchester, VT and some Whimsy!


The guys
My packing list
This past weekend was one of my favorite of the year.  For the past 15 years or so, Bill and I have trekked to Manchester, VT with Bill's brother David and our sister in law Jean.  Why Manchester in early May?  Golf of course!  Bill and David play in the annual VGA Four Ball event.  While the guys play golf, Jean and I have been known on Friday and Saturday to spa, shop, eat, drink and catch up.  On Sunday, we always follow the guys and cheer them on in their final round.  This year was very special however......Mitchell and Troy joined us and played in the tournament as a team and Sieko, Mitchell's girlfriend came along as well.  Mitch is home for a week or so and is all done with school!  We could not be more pleased and happy.  He has a great job all lined up at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Soon Sieko will join him to attend Horry-Georgetown (just like Mitch!) to study ultrasound technology.  They are off to a great start and we could not be happier for the both of them, except if this could all take place in Vermont that is! can't and a for a couple of young kids just getting started, I don't think the Myrtle Beach area is to tough to take.  To see Sieko following along, watching Mitch in the tournament just melted my heart.  It was like turning the clock back about 20+ years and seeing Bill and I.   Troy really seemed to enjoy the time with his big brother and it was also wonderful to see them work together as a team in the tournament and then goofing off like days of old in between.

We stayed at our favorite place in Manchester, the Palmer House.  We love it for so many reasons!  The rooms are lovely and they have so much to do onsite!  A fully stocked pond, indoor and outdoor pool, tennis courts, and a short 9 hole par 3 golf course.  The guys played a pressure packed 18 hole match with spectators who had had a few too many beers heckling and a cheering gallery (Jean, Sieko and I with wine glasses in tow). 

Where we stay

Pictured below is my dream house, well if it were on a private isolated dirt road that is.  It is situated right beside the Palmer House and I admire it every year.  It has gorgeous outbuildings and I would love to see it inside. Quintessential Vermont!
We all visited Orvis, had dinner at Mulligans, enjoyed a little fishing and a lot of golf.  It was such a good weekend with great company I did not want it to end.  Special thanks go to Katie for holding the fort at home and keeping all of the dogs kibbled, watered and happy.  Thanks Kate!
Trout at Orvis
Waiting to Tee Off
Now we are back and life has returned to normal.  Bill was off to work bright and early, Troy back to school, and the hot water tank repair man has already been here and gone.  Yup we are back.......
Hope to be able to get a little bit of painting and shaping done this week, but wanted to show how one of my favorite Halloween table topper pieces is turning out.  Still have a little work to do, but love the expressions!
Till next time.............

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