Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fall is in the Air!

 It has been a few weeks since I posted and I just cannot believe how quickly time goes by sometimes. Here in Vermont the seasons are changing and with the change comes one of my favorite times of year.  Autumn colors are emerging everywhere!  With a hint of nip in the air the jeans, sweaters and flannel have come out of storage and the flip flops are giving way to Crocs and clogs.  Football is back and with it so are Sunday dinner roasts and pies.  I love each seasonal change but this one is special. 

Our backyard maple tree showing signs of fall
Last week and weekend were spent getting ready for a big yard sale.  We started trying to schedule the sale in April and finally got to it last weekend!  It is so great to have it done and to be clutter free.....well, maybe not clutter free but less cluttered!  So after all our hard work last weekend, we decided to have some fun this weekend.  Yesterday we headed over to my favorite farmers market in Waitsfield.  It is just the best!  There is of course all of the usual wonderfulness (is that a word?) of a Vermont farmers market, with vendors selling everything from veggies, baked goods (amazing baked goods) goat cheese, eggs and a smattering of crafters.  In addition they always have live music!  Yesterday was a little chilly and a little gray but still so enjoyable.  I scored some beautiful golden beets, patty pan squash, goat cheese called "Madonna" and some of the best teriyaki marinade ever.  Bill and I split a HUGE blueberry muffin while we browsed.  Just a good time.....


 After the farmers market we headed to another of our favorite fall destinations, The Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury, Vt.  The minute you step out of your car the smell of cider donuts and apple pies cooking hit you.  We wandered around and got a gallon of cider and some spice bags to make hot spiced cider at home, but you just cannot leave without getting a cup to sip, so we did.  Is it weird that if we ever win Powerball I will be going back to make an offer they cannot refuse on this beautiful blue truck?
 My future ride

Love this!
 In other exciting news.....Folk For All Seasons has a very nice feature spread in the Wool Street Journal magazine.  Thank you Bonnie Smith and Julie Thomas (from The Old Tattered Flag fame).  I previously wrote in another post about how this all came to be so check it out!  It was very exciting to open up the magazine and see some of my creations in full color.

                                                              FFAS in print

Action photos of Maya doing her favorite thing, playing Frisbee.  She would do this all day if she could.....we if we would!  She does not miss many and if she does she scoops up the Frisbee so quickly that you are not sure if she missed or not!

                                                           Good catch!

                      Santa and snowman production is in full swing.  These guys are all waiting for paint.  It is a Santa Claus takeover....they are all over the house in various states of doneness.  Lots of new characters and surprises to come so stay tuned!                               

The garden bounty is dwindling but still beautiful!  Cannot wait for the, "you can't get it any fresher" corn on the cob with our pot roast today!


I hope that no one minds..... but I have decided to extend the are you Funky or Folky give away a little bit.  I am also extending the choice!  So now are you Funky, Folky or Festive?  The lucky winner will be able to choose from the Sunflower pumpkin for Folky, the whimsical white pumpkin witch for Funky or the top hatted ghost with smiling pumpkin for Festive (Halloween Festive that is!)  So how do you enter?  Many ways!  You can become a follower of this blog by clicking the icon to the left at the top of this page, leave a comment on this post, like my Facebook page at or share any Facebook post.  Do any or all and you will be entered to win your choice of Funky, Folky or Festive.  Enter as many times or ways as you like.  I will draw the winner on Monday, September 23rd.  will  announce on this blog and my Facebook Page.

Until next time............


  1. Yard Sale is always alot of work but a great relief having all the "stuff" are in a little fall snap here but I think summer will make a stop back before we have real Fall.Warm Blessings!~Amy
    PS I already entered the contest so I think I'm in if not enter me again I like the jack head but all are sweet.