Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not So Bad Snowstorm and Some WIP's.........

Real Vermonter!
So "The Big Snow" did not really happen here in central Vermont.  We got some, maybe 8 inches, not nearly the 14 inches forecast.  I am actually glad that we have some snow on the ground.  Not sure why but here in Vermont, no snow in January/February yet still the below zero temps seems unnatural!  We like some snow with our cold thank you!  The picture above is my husband out doing a little snow blowing this morning.  Love the pose......and the hats.  Yes, I said hats.....  It was so cold and windy that his trusty sidekick Maya did not want any part of it.
Maya, a Real Australian....not Vermonter!
This week has been about staying warm, readying for "The Big Snow" and working on a few more example Santa's for my (still yet to be opened) Etsy store.   Pictured below are some WIP's (works in process).  The Santa's will eventually be a Camouflage painted "It's Open Season", an all white holding a heart, a Buffalo Plaid cloaked, personalized Dear Santa letter, and personalized stocking garland.  Stay tuned to see them when finished. 
 Also pictured are a few experiments that I am so far, quite pleased with!  My sister Julie, from The Old Tattered Flag rug hooking shop has asked me to make some snippet holders.  For those not familiar with rug hooking, when you rug hook, there are always wool ends that need to be trimmed from your work.  If you do not have a place to put your "snippets" things can get messy.  Anyway, my idea for the snippet dishes include having a sheep or crow poised on a plate or bowl.  They will have saddle bags of some sort for placing hooks and scissors.  The plates or bowl will be for catching all those loose snips.  I am loving the sheep and crow!  Think I need to make more for use with some Santa's.  Cannot wait to see how a Santa riding on a big crow or sheep will turn out.


Our nephew Jeremy is here visiting from college for the weekend.  So far he and my son Troy have not really moved from the sofa and Xbox.  A big pot of pasta sauce is made, the fire is ripping and thinking it might be a good night for some on demand movies.  Maybe Flight with Denzel Washington?  I don't think the boys (and husband) will want to watch Downton Abbey. 
 Stay warm everyone!

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  1. Love, love, love the sheep, can't wait to see them done.
    Thanks for letting Jeremy crash there, he needed it!