Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spread Too Thin! And Some Bunny WIP's


Sorry for not posting for a bit!  February has just of those months!  Glad it is a short one.  We have been dealing with a couple of different bouts of illness, some home improvement (the above photo is our family room in complete disarray), including a lot of painting and some new flooring, tax preparation and our fair share of trials and tribulations, if it could go wrong, it did.  Here is looking to a change of luck for March!  Now that I come to think about it, February seems to always be challenging.  Here in Vermont, we are so happy to see that first snow, and there are not many who do not hope for a white Christmas.  Well then January hits, a few below zero days and nights, a snowstorm or two and well winter loses its luster and charm.  Then, along comes February, gray, cold, the fuel tank is getting low February.  Even the hardiest of Vermonters begin to long for Spring!  The seed catalogs are thumbed through longingly and the thoughts of green grass, grilled food and daylight past 5:30 pm creep into our consciousness. 

So, yes I have been thinking Spring!  Had a little time to shape up a few Easter bunnies.  They are still in process but thought I would share a few pictures.  I really like the big guy with the carrot and cannot wait to see how the bunny riding the big egg cart turns out.  I have a few more bunnies also in the works and will post more pictures when all are finished.

Anyone else glad Survivor has started up again?  and Duck Dynasty? 
Happy almost March!  Come on June!

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