Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pumpkin Progress!

The boys were in a golf tournament this weekend so I got a lot of work done!  So pleased with the way these finial pumpkins are turning out.   The dry brush painting and rough papier mache surface give such depth to the layers of color.  Hope the pictures show!  The vintage finials and turnings make perfect pumpkin stems.  These are all guaranteed to be one of a kinds.  I have made all of the pumpkin forms, covered them with papier mache, embellished them with paper clay shapes, hand painted and then glazed them with an antiquing compound.  No two will be alike and once the finials and turnings are gone, I will likely never be fortunate enough again to find such a treasure trove!

Large Finial Pumpkins

Small Finial Pumpkins
I have all of the prep work done for one more batch of finial pumpkins.  Hope to work on shaping tomorrow.  I have some great ideas for this new batch of pumpkins......crows, bittersweet vines, sunflowers, owls, the ideas are limitless!  These have been so much fun to make, but I really have to start thinking about Santa's and snowmen! 
Prepping for more pumpkin work!
As we move closer to fall, I will announce on my blog and Facebook how you can see and purchase all of my Halloween creations.
Until next time.......