Monday, July 1, 2013

Exciting News and More Halloween Works in Progress

I have a Halloween obsession going on!  I am loving these finial stem, folky, fun pumpkins so much I cannot stop shaping them up!  Just when I say to myself, "ok, no more, time to work on Christmas characters", I find more fabulous stem fodder in the abyss....(our basement and my supply storage).  Those pictured above are shaped up, dryed and sanded, ready for embellishment.  I cannot wait to get started as I have so many ideas for this batch!
This guy is going to be especially fun!
These are HUGE!  The guy with the funnel stands 15 inches tall and is 15 inches wide!  Still drying.....cannot wait to put finishing touches and paint on these bad boys.

Very pleased with the way this spooky primitive gal came out.  Just a few more finishing touches and she will be done.  Much better in person....her nose is perfectly crooked, her hat has just the right amount of flop and her chin and nose warts are witchly (new word!) appropriate.

Fun idea for this great piece!  Stay tuned.
So the exciting news!  My sister, (one of my biggest supporters and nudge givers!) has made a very important connection for me with The Wool Street Journal magazine.  Earlier this month, Julie (my sis) asked if she could use one of my folky pumpkin creations as inspiration for her regular pattern submission to the Wool Street Journal.  I of course said yes!  If you are new to the blog, let me explain, Julie along with my Mom are the creative owners and operators of The Old Tattered Flag.  They are a  rug hooking, punch needle, applique, wool dyeing duo who design, hand dye and create like crazy.  Visit her site to learn more!  Anyway, Julie regularly submits a free pattern to the Wool Street Journal and for the October issue will be submitting an applique design featuring one of my folky pumpkins.  When discussing the possibility of doing so with the editor of the magazine, she asked if she could mention me and my folk art as the inspiration (nudge, nudge).  They were very pleased to oblige and told her they would do a feature!  So, I just submitted some photos and information!  To say I am excited is an understatement.  It is always so rewarding when others appreciate your work and are willing to help in its promotion!  Huge thanks to my sister and Bonnie from the Wool Street Journal.   Below is one of my all time favorite Santa creations that now belongs to a private collector (who happens to live just up the road from me).  She has allowed me to share this photo with the magazine as an example of my Santa work.  Thanks Shannon!

 A favorite Santa

In other news, I have submitted a few applications for fall shows.  For you local followers, will let you know when and where if I am accepted.  Also have lots of other things cooking, so check back often and like my Facebook page for updates.
Till next time...................

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